Speak! Japanese And Human Japanese

Speak! Japanese Review

Speak! Japanese is a multimedia Japanese language learning software which is a good course for beginners who are seeking to learn the basics of the Japanese language. Speak! Japanese is the product of LinguaShop Inc. The software provides solutions for individuals to learn Japanese grammar and Japanese vocabulary as well as pronunciation in Japanese.

Topics cover in Speak! Japanese:

  • 10 levels of Japanese Grammar exercises
  • 10 levels of Japanese Vocabulary exercises
  • The Japanese Dictionary can be accessed from within each lesson to find the meaning of words
  • There is a grammar explanation for each lesson, that clearly explains the material for the lesson
  • The AutoLearn feature advances you from the basics up through the levels automatically
  • Practice of Japanese pronunciation with voice recognition

Speak! Japanese is available for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.

Human Japanese Review

Human Japanese is a Japanese language learning software which is written in a warm, readable tone that will draw you in and keep you excited about the language. Human Japanese is the product of Human Japanese. The software is good for beginners to learn Japanese.

Human Japanese comes with features like:

  • Over 500 pages in the main text take the learner from an introduction to Japanese pronunciation, through the writing system, cultural vignettes, and dialogues, building a solid base of understanding.
  • Instant Search allows learner to look up the meaning of Japanese word instantly.
  • Over 1800 recording vocabulary words and example sentences.
  • Animations of every character (for both Hiragana and Katakana)
  • 3 Types Quizzes to help the learner on using vocabulary. The learner can go either from Japanese to English or vice-versa.
  • There is trial version available at Human Japanese website.

Human Japanese is available for Windows XP or Vista and iPhone.

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