Note: This roadmap is preliminary and subject to change.

We are very deep in the works on the roadmap with our friends from HuhCorp who are helping us implement Global Awareness Paradigms and Market Consciousness Philosophies into our roadmap and processes. Everybody, indpendent of experience or skill in whatever field, is free to join us in our efforts and give Wordpattern a spin into their desired direction. We believe that everybody has a voice; we do listen.

The progress of the project will be measured against 5 Milestones. The goal and our 5th Milestone being World Domination of the CMS and CMSMS market.

Milestone 1. (“Collect Underpants”)

  • roadmap is drafted and finalized
  • board of executive decision makers is voted on
  • feature committee created
    • feature proposal processes are drafted
    • feature decision processes are drafted
    • feature decision appeal processes are drafted
  • community management committee created
  • architecture comittee created
  • committe committe created
    • committee proposal processes are drafted
    • committee decision processes are drafted
    • committee decision appeal processes created
  • Create “tiger teams” to bypass unwieldy processes for
    • features
    • community management
    • architecture
  • Marketing and Evangelism Team is staffed and equipped
  • some coders are found

Milestone 2. (“Passage of time [Montage]”)

  • Decisions on all outstanding drafts are made
  • All open positions are staffed
  • Additional staff-positions are created to fit all outstanding demand
  • Coding has started
  • Architecture 80% done
  • Interface 40% done
  • Usability 40% done
  • Features 100% done
  • Documentation 100% done

…to be done…

Milestone 3. (“Level 60”)

  • Architecture 100% done
  • Interface 100% done
  • Usability 100% done
  • Improved on Features (120% done)
  • Documentation 100% done
  • Improved all the stuff people complained about
  • Implemented all obscure requests

…to be done…

Milestone 4. (”???”)

  • Improved on things that were good, but not yet great
  • Improved on things that were great already

…to be done…

Milestone 5. (“World Domination”)