Kuala Lumpur (PRWEB) September 1, 2006

After the launch of his bestselling e-book “Wordpress Adsense System”, Internet publishing expert Gobala Krishnan declared that the “mom-and-pop” type of small business websites that fail to catch up with Internet technology will be extinct by the end of next year.

Gobala said that with easy access to web technology like RSS syndication, data feeds, autopilot publishing and community-driven systems, the small business owner now has to adapt quickly or be driven out of competition by larger corporations.

“It just doesn’t make sense to be creating static HTML sites with Frontpage or Dreamweaver anymore. The small business market, especially those interested with Google Adsense and selling information products, is maturing and attracting bigger corporations with the manpower and capital to churn out superior websites”, he explained.

According to him, “A revolution like this doesn’t happen too often, so now that you’re in the middle of it, you need to understand and use these new technologies to market and grow your business on the Internet.”

Krishnan says that he believes a free blogging platform called WordPress is the future for small business owners. Developed and released as an open-source platform, WordPress is free and easily customizable using third-party “plugins” that are also free. He said that using WordPress is the best way to catch up with technologies like RSS (Real Simple Syndication), tagging, pinging and social bookmarking.

“You have blogs, and you have WordPress. Unlike other platforms such as Blogger, MSN Spaces or Typepad, WordPress is more than just a blog. I have worked with clients who use WordPress as business website, a product launching platform, online magazines, free or fee-based membership portals and even as a classifieds system”, he added.

“Armed with nothing more than WordPress, anyone can begin earning money from Google Adsense and other sources, and my job is to show them how to do it right.” says Gobala. “Most Internet experts agree with me that WordPress is the future of online publishing, so why wait till everyone else has already utilized it?”

When asked about the story behind his nickname, Gobala laughed and said that his friends heard the term “Wordpress” mentioned so many times in every sentence he spoke, that they started calling him “The WordPress Guy”. Gobala’s company is focused on making the technology and application of WordPress easier for the ordinary, non-technical person on the web.

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About Gobala Krishnan

Gobala Krishnan, also known as “The WordPress Guy”, is an author, entrepreneur and Internet marketing coach. His writings have inspired many small business owners to redesign and reengineer their online business presence. For more information contact +60379877424 or visit http://www.EasyWordpress.com