How to use FeedBurner feeds to create incoming links to your site

article Omri Shabath


to launch new websites face the problem of constructing a large number of backlinks to their site to rank well in search engines for specific keyword phrases.


backlinks the more conventional way can take up an enormous amount of time, whether it is through link exchanges, forum posting, commenting on blogs, article marketing and directory submission.

These methods are certainly worth pursuing, because it is effective, but there is another way to build links quickly and effectively that many webmasters ignore or just do not know.

What I want to talk about this using RSS feeds and take advantage of some features of Google FeedBurner feeds page. “RSS” means “Real Simple Syndication”, and offers website and blog owners of a very quick and easy way to automate the distribution and the consortium of publishers content via the Internet.

In 2004 the FeedBurner as a free RSS service management. Google took the service in 2007 and integrated with the rest of the Google empire. Today, FeedBurner feeds provide many opportunities for website owners who want to take advantage of RSS feeds to distribute their content.

To take advantage of this technology and distribute your content via an RSS feed, you must first install a data stream to your website.

If you have a blog via or, you want to host it on your site to use the integrated RSS feed that comes with each of these platforms blogging. If you do not want to host your blog on your website, simply use a generator to create a RSS RSS feed to your website. To do this, simply run a Google search for “Generator RSS feed.”

Once you’ve created your feed, go to, register and follow the instructions to “burn a feed” on FeedBurner. To do this, simply write in your blog or feed URL into the appropriate field on FeedBurner. . FeedBurner feeds will create a new account your food and you will be able to immediately adjust the settings to optimize, publicize, and monetize your feeds

Create backlinks to your FeedBurner feed is very simple:

1 Login to FeedBurner and click on your headline feed.

2 Click the “Publishing” tab.

3 Find “Shot Ping” under the services list, and click on it.

4 Click “Enable”.

That’s it! Now every time you update your blog or website will inform FeedBurner Network syndication service, which in turn is connected to a network of other related syndication and distribution. As more and more websites Getting your article will generate more and more backlinks to your website.

One more thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of this method is to ensure that all your article is distributed. You can quickly put this on FeedBurner like this:

1 Click the “Publishing” tab ..

2 Find the “buzz boost” under the services list, and click it.

3 Check the “content item screen.”

4 Select “Plain Text” and then choose “Full points.”

Save and you’re ready.

Now you just have to continue to write unique and compelling content, and you “will soon have to create hundreds or thousands of cases, good quality inbound links on autopilot thanks to the power distribution by Google FeedBurner feeds service.