The slew of free blog templates available online could make anyone dizzy. Aside from the number of sources available, there are also a myriad of considerations to take in order to pick the best one there is, for you at least. So to help you effectively sift through sundry blog templates, here are key points to look out for.


Free blog templates are available in diverse designs. There are those that are effective for real estate blogs; some for culinary blogs, perhaps; and others that can be used for any type of blog. Your first concern when looking at the available templates is relevance. Blogging is all about getting your message across, and one way to effectively do that is through your blog template design. 

Your template should give your readers a preview of what your blog is all about. Free blog templates that offer specialized designs are rather hard to come by since most of them are created to fit any type of blog. Fortunately, many, if not all, templates have headers that are easily customizable. The header is one of the most important parts of your blog. This is the first area of your blog that the readers will see. Give them the gist of your blog’s nature through relevant images. 


When it comes to the number of columns, the choice will naturally depend on your preference. If you’re a minimalist who doesn’t want to clutter your blog with nothing more than your basic posts, choosing a template with a single or double column is great. Two-column templates are the safest choices. Three-column templates, on the other hand, offer additional space for further functionality. 

For instance, if you want to direct your readers to other relevant sites, most three-column designs offer a space for links. There are even other templates that can efficiently place your videos and images aside for less clutter. So even if there is too much going on at the front page of your blog, you can rest assured that your readers will still know where they are and what they want to see. 


Loading time is a big issue you need to consider when choosing free blog templates. Many templates that offer widget-integrations (web gadgets with specialized functions) can easily become problematic if you don’t know how to control your add-ons. You must think about how easy it is for your readers to access your site. Be elegant and functional without becoming cumbersome. 

Mark Michael Ferrer 
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