Concord, CA (PRWEB) March 22, 2004

With an emphasis on local politics and community issues, a new weblog inspired by Benjamin Franklin, has launched in Northern California. Halfway to Concord ( will cover politics in Contra Costa County and California.

Named after a term coined by Benjamin Franklin for inebriation, “Halfway to Concord” evokes a time before mass media when local taverns were the place to learn about local news and to discuss issues of the day rather than have news and opinions massaged by corporate news services however “fair” or “balanced.”

Halfway to Concord, edited by Bill Gram-Reefer, a hi-tech media relations professional based in Concord, CA, will cover electoral, education and welfare reform policy discussions, as well local and regional government issues, including news about community- and faith-based organizations that provide needed social services in the County and Northern California.

Powered by WordPress (, the Halfway to Concord site provides full standards compliance, cross-blog communications tools including trackback and pingback capabilities, easy links, and a highly useable graphic user interface. Visitors will also be able to comment on posts as well as make comments on their own site.

“Weblogs are about change, they are about ‘what’s new!’ and are becoming the most dynamic form of communications available today,” said Gram-Reefer. “Now with built-in RSS feeds and easy to use client software on PCs and PDAs, subscribers can get the content they want delivered to them automatically without having to search multiple static websites each day.

In addition to posting on the “serious” topics of the day, Gram-Reefer promises a lighter side that will feature listings of local community events, CBO/FBO news, commentary on Arts, Sports, and Entertainment, and posts about the coolest tech toys available to man or beast.

Benjamin Franklin would be proud!

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