Graphic Design Basics: Part 1

Article by James Campbell

Author: James CampbellArticle Source:, where consumers get competitive bids from Graphic Designers. Read reviews, compare offers & save. It’s free! Article Link: Graphic Design: Journalism Field, Graphic Design: Entertainment Field, Graphic Design: Education Field, Fashion Logo Design, Corporate Logo Design / Company Logo Design / Business Logo Designer, Church Logo Design, Christian Graphic Design, Business Cards, Logo Design / Logo Designer / Custom Logo Design, Medical Graphic Designers, Photography Design, Print DesignWelcome to the first article on Graphic Design Basics. We hope to help the beginner, novice, and some professionals, in the area of Graphic Design. Before we can start, we need to review a brief timeline of graphic arts, and how we got to where we are now. OverviewThis article, and the following articles, will deal with Graphic Arts/Design for the beginner, novice and some professionals. It is broken up into the following categories: Timeline of Graphics, A Brief Technical History of Graphics, Graphics Today, and Details on Desktop Publishing. Timeline of Graphics15,000 – 10,000 BCFirst known visual communications (pictographs and symbols) in the Lascaux, France105 ADChinese invent paper1450Johannes Gutenberg perfects the system for moveable type1460Albrecht Pfister is the first to add illustrations in a printed book1530Claude Garamond opens the first type foundry; develops and sells fonts to printers1919The German school Bauhaus is founded, paving the way for modern graphic design1957Max Miedinger designs Helvetica font1969American, Douglas Engelbart invents first computer mouse1984Apple releases first Macintosh computer with bitmap graphics1985Desktop Publishing begins with development of Aldus PageMaker software and Apple’s LaserWriter desktop printer using postscript language1990Version 1.0 of Photoshop released by Adobe1990Tim Berners-Lee develops World Wide Web, HTML, and concept of website addresses2009Today, you can publish, post, blog, tweet, email, spam, scan, cast, link, join, brand, print, transfer, cut, copy, paste, chat, game, and view virtually everything from your own home. Was the Article Useful?I hope you enjoyed the article! Please rate it at the following link, your feedback is highly appreciated: Graphic Design Basics: Part 1