Frequently Asked Questions About Trade Show Fabric Graphics

Article by Nssfe

If you have attended a trade show, convention, or event in the past four years, you have seen large, colorful graphics. graphics have become the standard for most large format images. They are lightweight, vibrant, and durable, and are the perfect medium for trade shows, where every exhibitor wants minimal weight but still wants to make a big splash. The options can be a bit overwhelming and getting more varied all the time. But for most of us, graphics can be lumped into two categories: tension or pillowcase graphics. The following is a convenient FAQ to get you quickly up to speed. What is a tension graphic?Tension graphics attach to a frame so the fabric is taut edge-to-edge, creating “tension.” Typically, the graphic has Velcro hook sewn along the border, usually top and bottom, and attaches to Velcro loop on the frame.What is a pillowcase fabric graphic?Think of a printed pillowcase with zippers. A pillowcase graphic wraps around a frame structure and the inner and outer sections zip together along the least obvi