Canton, GA (PRWEB) April 18, 2006

FeedBurner, the world’s largest manager of podcast feeds, has joined the International Podcasting Expo as the Sponsor of the RSS Services Expo Hall. They will be presenting two (2) seminars on the use of FeedBurner for management of podcasts feeds, as well as offering one free upgrade to their TotalStats service.

FeedBurner, the recognized leader in feed management, helps people transform their audio or video content into a true podcast without having to master the technology behind Web syndication. If anyone should be involved with an International Podcasting Expo, it should be FeedBurner. Luckily for the Expo, FeedBurner is sponsoring the RSS Services Expo Hall, and managing the feed for the Expo’s 48-hour Podcast Marathon (

“As the world’s largest manager of podcast feeds, we try to take every opportunity to support the community and help podcasters deliver their content far and wide,” said Rick Klau, FeedBurner’s Vice President of Business Development. “We’re thrilled to be a sponsor of the International Podcasting Expo and look forward to participating in this marathon event.”

“Anyone who knows anything about RSS and Podcasting knows about FeedBurner,” adds Penny Haynes of 1st Podcast Publishing, and organizer of the International Podcasting Expo. “FeedBurner helps Podcasters bypass the technical details and ensure their feeds are configured correctly for all of the major directories including iTunes. FeedBurner also boasts one of the best statistical services a Podcaster could desire – they have the whole package. We are looking forward to Eric Olson’s presentations on Podcasting and promotion with FeedBurner’s free services.”

FeedBurner will present two online seminars on Saturday, April 22, 2006. The first, “How To Set Up Your Podcast Using Feedburner” at 11am-12pm EST and the second, “How FeedBurner’s Services Can Boost Your Podcast Traffic” from 1-2pm EST. The presentations are open to all International Podcasting Expo Attendees, and will be held in an audio conference room. Participants only need an internet connection and speakers to attend, and a microphone to participate and ask questions. FeedBurner will also offer a free upgrade to their TotalStats services to one lucky Expo Attendee.

Go to for more information about the International Podcasting Expo, April 21 – 23, 2006. A 6 minute online video tour of the Expo and a downloadable pdf brochure are both available on the site.

About FeedBurner

Founded in 2003, FeedBurner enables bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers to reach millions of subscribers in more than 190 countries. FeedBurner’s advanced feed management technology delivers subscription services for publishers large and small to grow their reach, measure their audience and monetize their content. FeedBurner is a privately held company headquartered in Chicago with a branch office in San Francisco and resellers in Europe and Asia. For more information about FeedBurner and feed management, please visit

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