CompleteTax And TaxACT

CompleteTax Review

CompleteTax is an online tax software by CCH. The program is free to start and try the service for preparing state and federal tax refund. And only pay when you are ready to print or e-file. You can do tax preparation on both Windows and Mac platform. CompleteTax is web based program, which allows you to do tax return in web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. There is no download required to use CompleteTax, you simply log on to the site and start a return. Your information is kept in secure server of the company. The program also provides one click e-filing of your federal and state returns.

There are two packages available, CompleteTax Basic and CompleteTax Premium. CompleteTax Basic package is cheaper and designed for users who are single or married with no dependents (no kids).

TaxACT Review

TaxACT is a tax preparation software program by 2nd Story Software, Inc. A good choice for tax preparation solution, TaxACT provides solution for online tax preparation as well as download / CD tax software which user can download and install in their personal computer.

There are several packages available for you to choose based on your needs, Free Editions, Deluxe, Ultimate, Home and Business Edition. Free Editions is free version for federal tax preparation, and pay for state tax return. Free Editions is for user who only needs federal tax preparation and basic features. You can see the difference between these packages on comparison features at its official website.

TaxACT online tax is free to try, and only paid when you print or E-file. You can test program and see what all inside the software such as feature, interface and help system with or without creating an account. If you want to try without creating an account, just press register later button. Having no account, you cannot save all entry you have made.