May password be with you – your smartphone

Save passwords on a smartphone; Are you crazy What happens if I miss -? ?. One could ask, but let’s start by answering some more passwords there. Can occur when archaeologists will try to show that 2010 people were using passwords for everyday Internet life, but today is the opposite. today will all use passwords for authentication. Some people have few, some have tens and sometimes even more Today, we could even ask -.? Is there life without passwords there

Definitely. We are in the process of using passwords differently. You must have heard about OpenID for example, the model helps you to manage a password or a single bill instead of many. Despite this short article is not about OpenID should mention an OpenID service that allows you to live without a password. Invited VeriSign Labs and services called Personal Portal Profile (PIP) and click Log-In. Personal Portal authentication can be used with a free certificate on the client side that allows the user to connect to a single click in a variety of third party services or can be used with a token card to use only one time passwords (OTP). One-Click Sign-in can also help you gather all your bills, be signed by a single click. But not all portal accepts OpenID, yet. It takes time to replace inefficient, insecure common passwords OpenID or a similar authentication and authorization services.

So OpenID overcomes common passwords, survive the daily struggle. Because a good password can not normally remember – and that’s our problem comes from. The password you can remember is impossible. The password can not remember should be recorded, but where a piece of paper, a note book or a text file -? Where is the book to mark the last year where some passwords were written? or the hard drive of your computer, who knows;? Who cares Those who appreciate the behind passwords you love ‘. We use strong passwords; We will store encrypted digital equipment if you can not use OpenID or similar service

So the big question is – how can my store. ? passwords securely on my mobile – which is always with me and access my computer is also possible

The type of solution is + = encrypted passwords and accessible from anywhere.

How it works:

Sugar Sync is an online backup solution that can help you access important files on both fixed and portable. Because passwords are private, we do not recommend that you save them as plain text. So before backup file password you will be encrypted somehow.Cresotech Safe Desktop will help you to encrypt / decrypt / edit file.Since password sync both sugar and Cresotech has versions for both stationary and mobile platform, we can create / edit a password from file desktopWe can encrypt / decrypt file password from desktopWe uploading Sugar Sync servers which are accessible from anywhereWe to open it using our talented Sugar Sync clientWe phone can decrypt using Cresotech PocketSafeAnd we are there. We have access to the password from your smartphone. We

The only disadvantage of this solution is that Sugar Sync mobile client can not update password file online, yet. Perhaps a future version.

On prices. Sugar Sync is free up to 2 GB, Cresotech desktop safe has a free version (I recommend Cresotech desktop Safe Pro version – only $ 0.00 – because you can create multiple encrypted files which can not be done with the free version) Cresotech Pocket Safe and only $ 0.00. Almost free solution for a hard work they have passwords with you safely all the time.