Berlitz French Premier And Rocket French Premium

Berlitz French Premier Review

Berlitz French Premier is one of respected French language learning software which allows learn three ways to learn French (on computer, in car and on iPod). Berlitz French Premier is the product of Nova Development. The software provides solutions for students to perfect accent with advanced speech recognition, put fun back in learning French with interactive games, and watch and hear videos of native French speakers in real-life situations.

Highlight Features of Berlitz French Premier:

  • Audio Learning – Learn by listening to actual conversations.
  • Multimedia Learning – Enhance your knowledge by watching videos.
  • Flash Card System – Reinforce your learning with this proven method.
  • Speech Analysis – Improve your pronunciation with practice conversations.

The software allows:

  • Beginner to get comfortable as a new learner by starting with the basics like: Meeting and Greeting, Basic Travel Terms, Numbers and Money, Colors, Sightseeing.
  • Intermediate learners to rapidly improve your pronunciation through conversation like: Asking for Directions, Ordering a Meal, Shopping, At the Hotel, Emergencies.
  • Advanced learners to earn words and phrases that will make you sound like a native speaker like: Office Conversation, Speaking on the Phone, An Evening with Friends, Survival Phrases and Much More.

Berlitz French Premier is available for Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or Vista (32 & 64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.2.8 or Later.

Rocket French Premium Review

Rocket French Premium is audio interactive French language learning software which covers everything that learner needs to know to become part of the local French community. Rocket French Premium is the product of MovKit Software Inc. The software provides solutions for individuals to understand the conversation in French and its English translation with every track of the Interactive Audio Course, over 150 pages of supplementary resources, including grammar, vocabulary, common phrases, and interactive exercises. Rocket French Premium is available for Windows and Macintosh platform.

Topics cover in Rocket French Premium:

  • Introductions – take part in the everyday meeting and greeting of people that you know and strangers
  • Introducing Yourself – start conversations and meet local people by introducing yourself and tell French speaking people where you come from
  • Learning French
  • Being Thirsty, Booking a Room – book a hotel room on your travels
  • Tourist Info Center – find out about local attractions on your stay in a French speaking country
  • On A Tour
  • The Airport
  • Traveling on Business
  • On the Freeway
  • Asking for Directions
  • Going into Town
  • On the Tram
  • In the Supermarket
  • In the Kitchen
  • Booking a Table
  • At the Restaurant
  • Buying a Bottle of Wine
  • At a Souvenir Shop
  • In a Clothes Shop
  • Sending a Package
  • Celebrating a Birthday
  • Meeting the Family
  • Flirting
  • The First Date
  • Activities
  • Going Skiing
  • On the Mountain
  • An Accident
  • All of the Conversations
  • Role Play