Imporant Update, April 2

WordPattern WordPattrn WordPattrn! is a joke. Go use Textpattern or WordPress instead.

Thanks to Mary and Sencer for helping to put together on short notice, and Matt and Dean for playing along.

Oh, and to the 1680 or so people who downloaded wordpattern- what were you thinking?

Important Update, 4pm

WordPattrn has been acquired by Yahoo!, and has changed its name to WordPattrn!.

Important Update, 3pm

WordPattern has been acquired by Flickr, and is now known as WordPattrn.

WordPress and Textpattern have merged!

Dean Allen, creator of Textpattern, and Matthew Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, have signed a historic agreement to merge the two failed projects into a new weblog application named WordPattern.

WordPattern represents a revolution in weblog technology, a paradigm shift for the emerging army of citizen journalists, diarists and technologists known as bloggers.

Still in its early stages, this new application brings together for the first time the best of both worlds: Textpattern’s legendary documentation, the style and sophistication of WordPress, and the community spirity that helped make the two the successes they are today.

Read on, and discover our vision for the future