3 Great Benefits of Using a Blog Manager to Update Your Blog’s Plugins

Article by Elmar Sandyck

Use WordPress Manager, to keep all your blogs and websites working at their best.

Bloggers and website owners know that plugins are one of the many great features you can add and install to your WordPress blogs to make it have functionalities it normally wouldn’t be capable of. However, since WordPress constantly upgrades, the plugins you are using on your blogs also need to be updated, otherwise you’d end up experiencing problems.

This presents several issues which can be critical to your blog’s performance. We’ll talk about that later, along with how to deal with those issues without breaking a sweat. But before that, let’s look first at what exactly a WordPress Manager is and what it can do.

A WordPress Manager, to put it quite simply, is a blog management program. It’s designed to make it easier for anyone to manage multiple blogs in a blog network all from one single location. You can create and manage multiple domains, manage content, monitor traffic and host of other things all within the program. Learning how to use it won’t be a problem since a WordPress Manager has a very friendly user interface so anyone can easily pick up how to use it.

One other thing to take note of is that a WordPress Manager allows you to have WordPress automatically installed into the domains that you create. In a previous article, I talked about this specific feature and some of the other benefits you can get from it, so you might want to consider reading that article for more details. Aside from this function, you can also upload customized WordPress themes and plugins into the WordPress Manager’s plugin repository. Once you’ve managed to upload them, you can easily install it to any blog or website you want them to be on. But you might be thinking, “How does a WordPress Manager help me with the issue you talked about earlier, namely automatically updating my plugins?” Don’t worry, we’re coming to that.

Aside from the capacity to upload themes and plugins, a WordPress Manager also gives you the capacity to easily update all of the software you’re using. To be more specific about it, you can update the version of WordPress your using,

your themes and of course your plugins. All you need to do is to select the plugin you want to update and if an update is available for that plugin, the WordPress Manager automatically gives you the option to update it. This feature is very important when it comes to use plugins on your site because of the following reasons:

1. It keeps your sites functioning – Outdated plugins won’t be able to function properly or will never be able to function at all if left as is.

2. It keeps your plugins compatible with WordPress – Plugins are usually created to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress available. If a new version of WordPress comes out, outdated plugins won’t function as well due to compatibility issues.

3. You reap the benefits of using the latest versions of the plugins – Plugins, just like WordPress are constantly being developed to have better features and to get certain bugs fixed.

So if you’re having trouble in maintaining the plugins your blogs are using, I recommend that you start using a WordPress Manager Software to ensure you always get everything updated and functional.